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In addition to publishing scientific reports in international Journals, presenting your studies in national and international congresses is another essential element in making your research aware to the scientific community.

There are different types of conferences: national and international, minor meetings, congresses of specialised scientific societies, and large multi-disciplinary world congresses, in practically all fields of medicine. In your list, these events must have a certain priority, which to attend and which are beyond your scope.

The importance of the event tends to correlate with your degree of preparation for presenting your data. While building up your own profile as a recognised specialist in your field, however, it would be mandatory that you learn to respect your audience and consider each presentation equally important. And make every effort to give your performance as well as you can.

Unless you are an invited speaker to the conference (in which case we do not have much to offer for you), there are two principal modes of congress presentations: oral presentation and poster. In both cases, however, you need to submit an abstract to the conference beforehand. Respecting the Abstract submission deadline is essential for inclusion of your presentation in the Programme.

With the experience of being an invited speaker, moderator and session chairman in more than 290 international congresses, SMW Consultans can give you invaluable advice and practical assistance how to prepare:


A FAQ is whether SMW Consultants can organise a Congress for us? The answer is NO. We cannot organise a whole Congress for you. SMW Consultants is not a Congress Bureau or equivalent, but our expertise also covers the full spectrum of the issues involved in organising an international congress. Having been involved in organising over 20 of such events, we are ready to share this experience with you. Indeed, we have developed a detailed document Congress Organizer's Guide, which contains every single detail necessary to make your event a major success. To see more, click the button: CONGRESS (only available on these pages).



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