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SMW covers the full spectrum of research-related items from study design to published report in peer-reviewed journals


Our academic team currently includes the company founder

Prof. Kari J. Syrjänen, MD, PhD, FIAC

During his >30-year experience as medical researcher and research administrator (e.g. Dean of Medical Faculty) as well as a coordinator of several international research projects (funded e.g. by NIH and EC), he has created a worldwide network of scientific collaborators. This is the guarantee that the most expert second opinions and solutions are always available to respond to the specific demands of SMW Consultants' customers.

With the background of a University Professor of Pathology, Dr. Syrjänen has a comprehensive curriculum in teaching the full range of human pathology, and impressive personal research record in several important fields of medicine. The main focus of his scientific production is on cancer research. He also holds the competence of Professor in Cancer Biology (University of Helsinki, 1988).


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