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Making high impact medical research is an increasingly demanding task, irrespective, whether you are a basic scientist, epidemiologist or a clinician. The basic issues are the same for academic researchers and for those running clinical trials in a pharmaceutical company or in CRO.

To be meaningful and significant, medical research must produce results that can be applied for the benefit of the patients. The way to success depends on several different factors. Importantly, setting the goals at realistic level is one of the key issues related to study design. This is also an essential part of planning the direction of your future research.

Doing this correctly is not always straightforward and easy. You need to know, which are the exact aims and goals that are realistic to achieve with any particular type of study design. Speaking with clinical trials, appropriate design is of crucial importance to guarantee that the results of your trial are 1) unbiased, and 2) that the design meets the accepted guidelines of research ethics.

At SMW Consultants, we have long-term experience as active scientists having completed a large number of studies covering the full spectrum of research areas from experimental laboratory science, to national and international epidemiological studies as well as multi-centre, multi-national clinical trials.

SMW Consultants can offer expert instructions and guidance to those who are planning any type of medical research, covering the topics on:

You may also wish SMW Consultants to provide you assistance in Finding a Partner, to increase the critical mass of your research team.



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