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It frequently happens that the project you have in mind is too extensive to be realised with the resources of your host institute. The financial resources are insufficient to support your study to the extent you would like to make it done.

In that case, you need to start looking for research funding from external sources. To be successful in these efforts, you need to know where to go. You need to identify the potential funding bodies that might be willing to support this type of project.

Possibilities to find funding are many. Certainly in your own country, you have funding sources, which can help you. You probably know these local resources better than us. In addition to national funding mechanisms, there are major international funding bodies

We at SMW have considerable experience of the latter. In the past and at present, we have been successful in getting grants e.g. from the Research Programmes of EC and those of NIH/NCI for our projects. We want to share with you our expertise how to make successful applications to these (and other) international research funding bodies. To make your research team better resourced to meet the increasing demands of competition in your research area.

SMW Consultants can provide several tailor-made solutions to best fit with your specific demands. Identifying the potential funding sources and applying for funds to your project, is an effort of a team work, if anything. You can ask SMW to assist you in any of the following:

All these solutions are always tailored according to each individual case, and different mechanisms can be negotiated, how to compensate our efforts in each project.


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