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SMW Consultants has a vision that Opportunities to get medical research published are not fully exploited.

This is because a substantial proportion of potentially important medical research suffers from weaknesses and handicaps in one or more of the critical issues: a) study design, b) adequate funding, c) statistical analysis of the results, and d) writing the research report. For this reason, part of even high impact medical research never gets published, or is published in journals with limited access and prestige among the research community.

We at SMW also believe that: Quality and impact of published medical research can be improved.

Much of the obstacles preventing your research ever receiving the attention and prestige that it might deserve, is due to difficulties in writing a comprehensible and clear manuscript for an international Journal. If your writing is badly done, you have a high probability of loosing the edge of getting the manuscript accepted by the Editor of the Journal of your preference.

This has happened and continues to happen to everybody. Much of these difficulties might be due to purely linguistic reasons; you feel uncomfortable in writing medical English. In a long run, however, your profile as a researcher will be largely determined by the fact, how successful you have been in publishing your studies in English literature. In other words, writing a good research report in English is very much all that matters.

Our team at SMW Consultants provides you the full-coverage service in all necessary steps in getting the manuscript published in English medical literature. Our services are equally suitable for academic researchers and those working in pharmaceutical industry and CROs. If you decide to delegate the entire preparation of the manuscript to SMW Consultants, the writing service covers the following steps:

If you decide to make the writing yourself, and want to check the quality and suitability of your paper to the particular Journal in mind, the SMW services could include the following:

In addition, for companies, we can offer special services related to their publication policy as a part of their communication strategy:


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