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SMW closes the link from study design to published research report


Like most people who selected medical research as their life-time commitment, you probably struggle with the same obstacles as most of your counterparts all over the world. Budgets are being cut, prices for reagents get higher, administration is increasing, and it is more and more difficult to get external funding to realise all your plans. These obstacles are even more familiar to those who like to do research as their hobby.

Or maybe you are a busy clinician, who feel difficult to find time to conclude your study; to finalise the steps of statistical analyses, and particularly, initiate and complete the writing of the report for the Journal. Or you have a problem to decide, to which Journal I could offer my manuscript.

Do not get desperate, because SMW Consultants can help. If you identify yourself struggling with these obstacles, we have a lot to offer.

Our long-term experience in study design, finding the sources of funding, statistical analysis and presentation of the results, and in medical writing of all types (abstracts, original reports, reviews, book chapters, grant applications, progress reports, etc.) are at your disposal at any stages of your research project.

Few researchers have unlimited budgets. We fully appreciate that allocation of the limited funds is decisive to the continuation of your project.

On the other hand, we are convinced that allocation of some funds to acquire expert assistance in study design, analysis, interpretation and presentation of the results, as well as in writing an informative and clear research report, is a cost-benefit exercise.

Frequently, this might be the necessary step to take, if you wish to get your valuable data the proper attention that it deserves.



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