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SMW covers the necessary items from study design to published research report


The final step in making your data public is to write the research report. You may prefer to write an Abstract for a Congress first, and the full paper for a Journal afterwards. Frequently, you need to do both concomitantly.

Whichever option you choose, of crucial importance is the way how you do it. Papers for oral presentations are selected on the basis of the impact of your data, but equally so on the basis of clarity in presenting these data.

If your writing is badly done, you might loose the edge of making your study a success in a Congress or even more frustrating, to make it rejected by the Editor of the Journal of your preference. That might happen irrespective how valuable your results could be.

In a long run, writing good research reports will be the crucial step in giving a profile for all what you are doing as a scientist. Whether high, average or low, will depend on how successful you are in your publication strategy. In other words, writing a good research report is very much all that matters.

Nobody is an inborn medical writer, but some people do it better than others. However, writing is a skill that can be learned. SMW offers you the possibility of learning with us.

By sending us your written texts, we can make a pre-review of the paper and give you the feedback like a regular referee in Journals. Or you might prefer us making the revisions in your text, both the language and the content. Or, you send us your data and ask SMW to complete the writing for you.

When do you need a medical ghostwriter and when is an expert scientific consultant necessary?

To read more about medical ghostwriting, ethical considerations involved, and about the different profile of these two professionals, click the link here.


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