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SMW fills the gap from study design to final study report


If you do not know what CRO stands for, this page is clearly not for you. However, there are many Contract Research Organisations (simply called CRO) which design and run clinical trials on behalf of their customers, i.e., pharmaceutical companies having developed the drug.

Each project of CRO is completed only when the final clinical study report (CSR) has been issued and accepted. The CSRs have the same strict requirements irrespective of who has done the writing, be it CRO or pharmaceutical company. For CRO, it is also important to keep your clients satisfied with your services, and therefore essential that the CSRs of the trials that you run for them are prepared according to the highest standards and compliant with the jointly agreed guidelines.

With CSR, the bottleneck frequently is the statistical analysis and presentation of the trial results. The optimal solution might be to let a single team to complete the statistical analysis and the writing. That would guarantee that the results and their presentation are in line with the report text, making it concise, clear and informative.

If you recognise these to be the obstacles at your organisation, why not contact us. SMW Consultants can prepare your CSRs with the expertise and quality that your clients expect. And most importantly, we make the reports available on time, to save costs of your customers, by avoiding delays in the approval procedure.

SMW Consultants provide expert services that are essential in designing and running these clinical trials to their successful completion. You might prefer to include SMW in your team already at the early stage of trial design. Or later, when you have your trial completed and the data available.

Because we offer both statistical analysis and writing services, we can work with the raw data from your trial, analyse it and present the pertinent results in the most rational and lucid form. Combined with coherent writing, we will provide you with the finalised solid CSR. Exactly what your client expects from a professional CRO.

SMW would be pleased to provide its services also separately in the two areas, either making the statistical part of the trial or completing the CSR writing, if you feel that your own capacity can cover the other.


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