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It frequently happens that the project you have in mind is just too extensive to be realised with the resources of your host institute. The technological and financial resources are insufficient to support your study in the form you would like to make it done.

In that case, you might consider searching other partners and/or looking for research funding from external sources. To be successful in these efforts, you need to know where to go. You need to get in touch with colleagues who might become interested in your idea, and you need to know, which type of funding bodies might be willing to support this type of project.

Some researchers are more successful than others in setting up international consortiums to realise large-scale multi-center studies, and raising funds for their successful completion.

We at SMW have experience in both. And we want to share with you this expertise how to a) find partners, and b) where and how to raise funds to make your research team more strong and the plans realised.

SMW can fully exploit the international network built up during the past several years of active research, as well as our expertise in making successful grant applications to major international funding bodies (e.g. EC, NIH/NCI).

We are confident in that individual solutions can be tailored to your specific demands. We will do our utmost to find a suitable research partner for you and identify a potential source of funding your study.


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