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The founder of SMW Consultants has a long-term experience as an active scientist having coordinated several large-scale studies covering the full spectrum of research areas from experimental laboratory science, to national and international epidemiological studies as well as multi-centre, multi-national clinical trials. These are listed in the CV of our CEO.

Working as a coordinator of these projects as well as active in several international societies has helped establishing a large network of contacts in several different fields of both clinical and basic research. This type of network based on personal contacts during several years is indispensable in cases where different types of expertise is needed to solve specific problems.

Running high impact medical research is an increasingly demanding task, where different type of expertise is mandatory to be competitive. In all projects of any sizable extent, experts in basic science, epidemiologist and clinicians are needed. Pathologist is frequently a must as well. To establish such a consortium in one location is not always easy, and not infrequently, practically impossible.

In planning to apply funding from large international organisations (like EC), establishing the research consortium is the necessary first step. It is true that the websites provide assistance in finding a partner, but it is our conviction that such websites can never replace the contacts based on years long personal friendship and acquaintance.

One of our favourite statements also listed among our respected values, is: Towards excellence by expertise. And we really mean that. At SMW Consultants, we feel that any efforts put to assemble a research group with maximum available expertise are worthwhile, warranted and justified. Setting up a research project is a major effort in itself, and seeing a little more trouble to increase the expertise in the group by inviting new partners, would be very rewarding in the long run. In fact, a carefully selected consortium might play a decisive role in getting favourable funding decisions for your project.

Following our mission, SMW Consultants is prepared to do its utmost to meet your specific needs for finding suitable expert partners for your new or ongoing research project. The initiative must come from you. You just tell us what your plans are, what you are going to do, and which type of assistance you would possibly need to realise these plans.

Having this information, we will make the best estimate of the optimal consortium needed. Once agreed with you, SMW Consultants will make all the necessary contacts and special inquiries of potential partnerships for you, exploiting its global network of research contacts.

Remember that finding new partners will give new dimensions to your research.


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