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SMW closes the link from study design to published research report


Creating a communication strategy to publicize a new drug is a serious and extensive effort, which requires expertise from different specific areas. Few companies have all that expertise available on their own.

Making a series of scientific publications within a minimum time span is often an essential part of your communication strategy. To guarantee the maximum publicity that your drug deserves, these reports must be appropriately targeted, and completed in a tight schedule. Few companies have enough medical writing staff to cope with all these requirements of high quality and tight time frame.

There is, however, no need to compromise the high quality of this documentation just because of these restrictions of your in-house writing staff or limited availability of other expertise (e.g. statisticians). SMW Consultants are available to offer you the expert assistance that you urgently need at this very moment.

SMW personnel is used to write papers with a short notice. Even a series of papers to meet your pre-scheduled publication plan. Papers that reach the targets that they were intended to.

Publishing papers in Journals is just one part of your communication strategy. You need to communicate the results of your new drug without the inevitable delay of Journals. This means that you need to give this documentation in relevant congresses and make the essential information available at your web sites. To get the maximum benefit, you need assistance in writing Abstracts and designing web sites. Both are among our core expertise of SMW Consultants.

Competition of market shares is hectic, and your rivals might choose to criticize your trial results and their statistical analysis. Perhaps you want to do the same to your competitors. In both cases, you need statistical expertise to respond the critics and to give your own without loosing your credibility.

With the publication record of over 1.400 scientific communications, giving and responding to scientific criticism is routine for us at SMW Consultants.


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