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President & CEO Kari Syrjänen, MD, PhD, FIAC

SMW covers the full spectrum of topics from research idea to final study report


SMW Consultants Ltd.

Writing & Consulting Medical Research

Kylliäisentie 9, FIN-21620 Kuusisto, Finland















SMW Consultants supports medical writing only in English (and in Finnish).

However, you can communicate with us, if you feel more comfortable using any of the following languages (in written):

            • English
            • Spanish
            • Portuguese
            • Italian
            • French
            • Swedish
            • Finnish

You should be prepared to receive our responses in English, however, in cases when we feel it more comfortable, to avoid misunderstandings in terminologies, etc.

Whenever you have a specific research project in mind, but are insecure, what is the most suitable study design, where to apply funding, which statistical tests I should use, or where to publish my results, why not write down your thoughts and contact SMW Consultants, using your own language.




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