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SMW Consultants work in Microsoft Windows 10 environment, protected by the latest version of the most innovative anti-virus software F-Secure Anti-Virus, updated automatically on daily basis (several times if necessary).

In basic word processing, presentation and data file entries, SMW uses Microsoft Office 2019 package, containing Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The office is connected to internet with high-speed Broadband (ADSL) connection, with no practical limits of receiving and sending large files by e-mail.

In addition to these basic tools, SMW office is provided with a wide assortment of specialised software, listed here in alphabetic order.

Adobe Acrobat 10.0 Professional: A non- downloadable programme suitable for preparing and editing all documents prepared in PDF Format, and converting them to several other formats for other software.

Adobe PhotoShop (Full version): A necessary software for creating, professional processing, converting and storing images in wide variety of file formats. Another Adobe programme.

CI5VII: Cancer Incidence in Five Continents is another IARC data base, giving information on cancer incidence, based on local cancer registries in five continents. Important tool in cancer epidemiology.

Data 4.0 Pro: This powerful statistical package is mandatory for making a wide variety of modeling (Markov-, Monte Carlo-, etc) and decision analysis (Sensitivity-, Cost-Effectiveness) needed by decision makers in health care.

EndNote: Building bibliographies and their conversion to the specific Journal formats is an essential step in all medical writing. EndNote is a highly suitable tool for downloading and editing literature searches from internet.

EpiInfo A freely downloadable (Windows) software developed by CDC is particularly suitable for data collection, entry and analysis in epidemiological studies.

GLOBOCAN 2020: An IARC created data base containing the global incidence and mortality data on cancer. This software is necessary in all epidemiological cancer research.

Graphic Workshop: This graphic software makes flexible and rapid conversions of graphic image files into wide range of other file formats.

Macromedia Dreamweaver: An indispensable tool for creating professional web sites. Available from Macromedia.

PCModfit: A comprehensive pharmacokinetics software which enables the key pharmacokinetic and -dynamic analyses (non-compartmental analysis, simple and complex single and repeat dose simulations, deconvolution).

Reference Manager: This is another software from ISI Researchsoft, which is indispensable in creating, maintaining and editing bibliographic data bases, making data retrievals from internet or data bases, and convert them into Journal-specific reference lists.

SPSS: The latest version of SPSS ( for Windows) is the necessary statistical software in all statistical analysis needed in medical research.

STATA: With its latest version (STATA/SE 17.0 for Windows), this general-purpose statistical package has become a highly suitable tool for researchers in all disciplines.

The Cochrane Library: The Cochrane Library is a collection of seven separate databases, providing comprehensive coverage of evidence-based medicine and information on research methodology.

The above assortment will cope with all the needs of reporting medical research, but we are open to suggestions for acquiring any new software, if it is essential to meet the specific needs of our customers.


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