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SMW fills the gap from study design to published report


Statistical analysis of your results together with their correct interpretation constitute the essence of all scientific reporting, irrespective whether we are dealing with experimental-, clinical- or epidemiological studies.

Designing the statistical analysis is a complex process and requires special knowledge about the correct application of the different statistical tests. It also requires an appropriate statistical software and knowledge how to use it to perform the tests accurately. The latter are usually quite expensive, and necessitate intense learning period to get familiar with.

These two items are closely interrelated. There are several optional statistical packages, and not all of them contain all the tests that your data analysis might require. Not infrequently, you would need to apply two or even more software to exploit your data in full. Selection of the software also influences on the format in which you should get your data file built up.

WMS has access and full familiarity with the most widely applied statistical software, which cover the full spectrum of statistical tests needed in biomedical research.

We are prepared to respond to your specific needs by providing the full service from data collection and storage ending up with running the state-of-art statistical tests for you. Or just any part of that, and assist you in correct interpretation of the results to produce meaningful data.

To find out more about statistical tests in biomedical research, check the link here.


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